About Us

Welcome To HerbertSEO

We are a sole proprietorship that aims to provide quality, reliable, and timely services to its clients. HerbertSEO caters to small, medium, or emerging businesses. We know that doing administrative tasks everyday can sometimes take up a business owner’s time, time that should be spent improving or innovating his product. Our aim is to optimize your business operations by offering virtual assistant jobs and search engine optimization jobs for your business.

Our Vision

HerbertSEO will be recognized for delivering the ultimate standard of virtual assistants in the Philippines.

Our Mission

To be a business that takes pride in its accomplishments and the accomplishments of others and to create positive relationships with our clients, HerbertSEO will strive at all times to provide quality products, and be committed, loyal, honest and supportive in our dealings with others.

Our Goal

To provide customized virtual business management and support services to established business owners.

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Our History

HerbertSEO is managed by Herbert Bucol, a Virtual Assistant freelancer and the one offering the services. He is pursuing a career in freelancing after working in an office for 5 years. He was a graduate of Business Administration major in Financial Management, have a diploma in Professional Education, and now a trained and experienced Virtual Assistant for a five years now. As he continues his journey as an online freelancer, he hopes that he gives value to its clients in the services that he offers. He is excited to work for you to help you reach your goals.